Soulmate, eh?

I had just read two long articles about love. Yes, LOVE. Thanks to buzzfeed and elitedaily! I personally dislike writing about love because most of the time I found my gibberish-writing so cheesy that I ended up deleting them. I am not exactly inept in love and relationship; I just don’t see myself as someone to actually give sound advice about love. I believe I am a little bit on the crazy side when it comes to love (haha).

Well, the articles were mostly about loving the right person, blablabla. However, there was this one quote that literally zapped my mind: “If you can love the wrong person that much, imagine how much you can love the right one.”

OMG, I JUST GOT STABBED, REPEATEDLY, ON MY F*CKIN FACE. Now is the time to eat chocolate!

I just don’t get those writers who can write so beautifully about love, relationship, family. My experiences weren’t exactly doomsday but they certainly taught me to view love skeptically (if not bitterly). Some couples my age are getting married and some other married couples I know are getting a divorce. I mean, how on earth you chose to get married with that particular person, and then not even 10 years later you filed for divorce?! If your spouse is not the right one, then who is?

I am not being judgmental toward those who decided to get a divorce. I know by experience that every family has its own battle, but why get married with that person in the first place? Whoever you choose to marry, no road is without bumps. So, what kind of person is the right one? Isn’t it insane to label someone your soulmate only to rebuke that statement some years later?

How do Idear_soulmate__by_xlizxangelx know that this is the right one? Everyone in my past looked right in the beginning but then I changed my mind, again and again. Am I just so prone to fall in love with the wrong ones? How do I love the right one right if I keep stumbling on the wrong ones?

THAT IS WHY THIS KIND OF ARTICLES MUST BE BANNED. IT MAKES ME THINK UNNECESSARY EVIL. I am so going to eat more than one Ovomaltine chocolate sandwich.

I honestly haven’t met the right person, if there really is any out there. Maybe there’s no such thing called soulmate. Perhaps, we just have to learn to be the right person for our partner instead of demanding them to be one. What I do believe: a relationship is about making the other person feel loved. And, don’t get married with someone just because your friends or families are pressuring you to. Don’t settle for someone who is seemingly okay by your criteria without actually knowing and loving that person.

Well, call me naïve. Call me young and idealistic. Truth is, I’d rather wait than rush into a loveless marriage just because. I’d rather be alone than be miserable.


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