Palate Cleanser

Any of you ever watched “Diana”? Well, I did. The movie was okay and the reviews were bad, but I guess the producer was trying his best to depict the life of Princess Diana before her shocking death. Princess Diana was actually having a fiery relationship with a surgeon named Dr. Khan – not Dodi al-Fayed as was bombarded by the media. Her affair with al-Fayed was intentionally fed to the media right after she broke up with Dr. Khan with the purpose to spark jealousy in Dr. Khan’s feelings. However, even if it did spark some jealousy (of course!), it “sparked” something far more dangerous – HER CAR.

True, love makes us do bravado-slash-crazy things in the name of love. But, did she get what she wanted i.e. Dr. Khan’s attention? Did she turn out living a happier life? Yes, because she died – and NO, because she DIED.

I believe most of us have come across a relationship so deep so burning so intense that we felt like we couldn’t live without our partner. While it was wonderful to be in such a relationship, it was also devastating when it ended. It left us so badly wounded that we needed to show our ex (and the world) that we have moved on, when in fact we were nowhere near moving on. We started a string of boyfriends or girlfriends, falling in and out of “love” rapidly, intentionally tricking ourselves (and our ex and the world) into thinking that we have moved on. Yet, deep down we knew that we were still in the same pit, nursing the same wound.

My point is, if we still do things to make them exes jealous of our moving on, we are not moving on. However, it is not a sin to get back into the dating pool, and if you are open-minded enough, there is this amazing theory called The Palate Cleanser.

A palate cleanser is something you drink/eat/smell in between main courses to reset your taste buds before moving on to the next course. For instance, drinking wine in between steak bites; eating pickled cucumber with Chinese food; sniffing coffee beans in between perfume fragrance testing. Similarly, the palate cleanser is someone you date to help you reset your feelings. And just like any other moving on tips, the sole purpose of the palate cleanser is to make YOU happy with yourself again. Not to make your ex jealous.

One important rule for this theory to work is to not get too involved. This means, both you and the palate cleanser must know that this is just temporary. When the fling ends, nobody should be left with hard feelings. No drama.

I personally have tried this once or twice, and I can attest to the dilemma of trying to not get too involved. Therefore, mushy people with a tendency of being touchy-feely should know better to avoid this practice. So, if you are sure you can enjoy a palate cleanser without invoking a Diana tragedy, go ahead and have a good time. But if you’re not, there are other normal ways to aid moving on such as taking on a new hobby, traveling, doing more physical exercise, adopting a pet, and of course… a shopping spree!


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