When Life Goes Out

God giveth and God taketh.
Sometimes He gives us the things we never thought we could get.
Sometimes He takes from us the things we thought we’d never lose.

Again and again we learn,
that when someone close to us pass away,
a little bit of us died too.

The little child inside of us couldn’t quite get the idea of someone not breathing, not moving, not living.
How could someone so alive be so still?
How could someone so alive be so dead?


Life is like light.
Sometimes it goes dim.
Someday it goes out.

Some people cry for their loss.
Some people cry out of regrets and fears.
Some others fix their eyes on the floor because distractions keep them going.

Because when someone who gave us life goes away,
There is no way we could get over it.
And we will continue living this life which tastes of death,
Learning to embrace the hollow space she used to fill.

18 MARCH 2016, 11:58 pm


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