Locked Bravery

I know a little girl,
who falls in love with you.
She is braver than I am,
but I have to keep her locked inside.

Sometimes she pounds on the door,
asking me to let her go.
Sometimes she escapes through the window,
when the maid carelessly left it open.

Every time she gets out,
I will have to look for her.
It is not really that hard,
because I know she would always look for you.

I am only half surprised to find her in a crowd,
with her eyes wandering around.
She is not lost at all;
Her eyes just never stop searching for you.

She would then lock her eyes,
and beam when she finds you,
as if knowing instinctively that you’d be there,
when she looks to the right.

But before she gets to you and hurts herself,
I would take her hands and drag her home.
She would keep looking back,
struggling to break away.

At some point she would stop fighting me,
and cry softly when I deny her of your existence.
I know she longs for your warm embrace;
I know how awful it is to keep it to herself.

Still, I would take her to her room,
lock the door despite her glassy eyes.
I keep telling myself,
that this is for her own good.

Yes, there is this little girl that I know,
whose heart I admire the most.
She makes me feel ashamed of myself,
because I could never love someone so bravely.

And I would mourn for her loss,
as if you were my own dead muse.

03 JULY 2016, 05:36 pm


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