Wrong Shade of Blue

Her eyes were the wrong shade of blue.

No, not wrong, just different.
Not the kind of blue that made you lose yourself in its depth,
but the kind of blue that made you linger
and wonder.

The longer you looked into her eyes,
you’d realize that the inner rims were speckled with golden bits,
or yellow – you were not quite sure,
and such, you wondered
if she was a whole ‘nother world altogether.

Sometimes you looked into her half-opened eyes in the morning,
and somehow,
under the early morning sunlight,
her eyes were almost the color of warm honey.

Warm like her relaxed smile.
Warm like her body lying next to you.
Warm like home.

But then she woke up and all those honey went blue.
Sickeningly sweet blue honey,
if it was at all possible.
The twists in your gut sensed sorrow and pain,
yet she kissed your eyes and nose,
and lulled you back to oblivion
with her hellos and good-mornings.

So you taught yourself to close your eyes
and just be with her.
You let her have both of her colors.
She could be as blue and as warm,
because you knew deep down
that you didn’t care;

That when she looked you back in the eyes,
her golden shade of blue
made you fall in love then,
and probably forever.

27 JULY 2016, 05:43 pm


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