It was not sorrow that brought me here
nor sadness beguiling me to Hades
but it was a graveyard all the same
a graveyard full of dandelions

The strands flew as I breathed
like hope on my fingertips
yet they sprung back to life
as I mourned the death of my soul

Like ashes piling up on ashtrays
it was the urn of my feelings
and I would pave my way back to you
starting from this very graveyard

I knew waiting was not my forte
and never could I walk away
so I would do my best holding on
as one more day was already a blessing

I could make this place our sanctuary
with dandelions blooming on the first day of spring
if only you would overlook the darkness
and believe in my dreams for once

31 JULY 2016, 11:40 pm


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