Here is the thing about anger;
ancient rage whose flame hasn’t quite died down.
Its flame still burning under piles of grey ashes,
tricking you into thinking that the ground was cool to touch.

And then you step on that hot ground;
its heat jolting and scarring you.
For a moment the fire flares up on the surface,
sapping you of your energy, leaving you frustrated and exhausted.

So you realize now that there is this pain,
eating you from the inside out.
Burned flesh, red and angry open wound,
and you have no idea how to put it out and spare yourself the pain.

You are angry,
but you are also tired and sick of being angry.
You can only take a deep breath and hope that someday,
God will show mercy on you and somehow you are no longer ill and angry.

But right now, you will have to make do.

24 AUGUST 2016, 06:40 PM


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