Love is Like

Love is like
wanting to kill the other person
or burn him with rage literally
but you can’t
because you want to spend
some more time with him
or if possible, a life time.

Love is like
hating what he did to you
or how he made you feel
but you can’t help feeling
like you cannot live without him
and then you end up
despising yourself for that.

Love is like
feeling confined and strangled
like you want to run away
but you can’t
because he is the first thing
you run for
when things go bad.

Love is like
doing everything you can
to keep him yours
wondering if you love him enough
to make him stay
worrying if he loves you enough
to keep you going.

Because love is a double-edged sword
It is selfish and selfless
It is liberating and enslaving
For someone to choose to feel all that
because of one person
for that one person.

29 JANUARY 2017, 12:04 PM


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